A great appriciation is owed to the dedicated and qualified Office staff who have shown determination in facilitating the smooth running of the school. With the help of the office support staff, the school provides for the students with an excellent and conducive environment for learning.


The school’s successful running is also owed the kitchen support staff who are qualified to prepare delicious and adequate meals for students. With their help, the school has been able to implement the student table-system during meal times which helps to save time and reduce missing of meals. The dedicated environmental support staff perform their daily duties to ensure that the school is clean, beautified and conducive for students.


To provide safety to the whole Kathiani Gils’ High school fraternity, the security team embraces teamwork while closely coordinating with the school administration in their work. Also to improve safety, in close supervision and usage by the security team is the student biometric identification at the gate which regulates student entry and exit from the school.

With the excellent performs shown by the security team, the entire Kathiani fraternity has been able to grow in confidence of the school following reduced criminal incidences.