Almighty God, we glorify your name for the far that you have brought us as the family of Kathiani Girls’. In Ecclesiastes 4:12(b), as a rope made of three codes is hard to break, unite us in love as teachers, support staff, students and the stakeholders of the school.

Holy spirit of God, grant us patience and understanding of one another as we soar this institution to a higher level of spirituality and academic performance. Help us recognize our abilities and strengths as partakers of Kathiani Girls High School.

Give us a gentle spirit and forgive us our iniquities as we forgive those who offend us. Father as we begin our day we plea the blood of Jesus and let not your presence depart from us.

In Jesus name, we pray and give thanks.



We thank you God for the family of Kathiani Girls’ High School, we love the beauty of our school and ask for your protection.


In the spirit of the founder of our love we enter to learn and leave to serve. X 2

Together as Kathiani Girls we light each other’s candle, in pursuit of victory in academics and sports.


We value discipline, we value hardwork, excellence

We value self-drive, we value knowledge, determination X 2

Together as champions we achieve our ambitions X 3